The Lost Depth

The Lost Depth



We’re not much of a deep generation. We don’t think much before doing something. We are fast moving people. We don’t want to stop even for a second. We’re just running in this race without knowing which race it is. We are shallow people. What we have in depth is, shallowness. We have really forgotten how to do something with depth. We’re a generation of instant hook ups and link ups. Who has time to love with all the depth they have. Its the easy generation. Instant relationships, instant drive-thru services, ready made stuff. Everything has to be fast. No time to stop and reflect upon things.

Whatever we do, we have a motive behind it. We hardly show any interest in things that don’t pay us back. The emotions, feelings are lost. The depth is lost. We don’t want to know anyone deeply and its almost impossible…

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