I was hired to care – by kStan(ly) ft. lucarna

the frail man was declining fast, i was hired to care and try to find out if he had some family somewhere. he didn’t speak in english; whatever i would ask, he’d answer in some foreign … Continue reading “I was hired to care – by kStan(ly) ft. lucarna”

Untranslatable writings

After trying to post something soft and innocent, all of a sudden my fingers sort of started writing alone. Not joking: the words of Shakespeare’s language just came to me and started flowing like water. Have you ever thought that this story started long ago, busy with travelling, interpreting, contacting? Later, translation played an important part in it. When you work as a professional translator and intercultural communicator, all the time you are acquiring knowledge from several sources. Different cultures have a deep influence in your way of thinking, of behaving, even in your dreams.

Have you ever dreamt in another language? I have! Means that other languages pop in my head and do things I wouldn’t do if I only knew my mother tongue. Because you cannot translate all the words the same way out, some expressions suffer from untranslatability. Well… all those untranslatable feelings are there, doing things inside me. Maybe they are trying to come out through my fingers. As if there were ants running into them, making them run across the keyboard.

Hope this space gives me the opportunity to show it all. To express it the best way out. The innermost sensation is unstoppable, the outermost dictation could be unsolvable. Some experts say that you just need to say it, period. If it were that easy…