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Do you have chronic word overflow?  Does it feel as if you had so many stories in your head that you just can’t stop writing? Or maybe you are caught in another world while you are writing? Don’t be afraid, you are not the only one and you’re not crazy.

Actually,  you have been chosen to give shape to that storm of feelings, heartaches, thoughts and stories that are meant to be human. You must be wondering what’s this; well, this is an invitation to join us.

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The Nuances of Poetry Translation

Can a poem be translated without letting its meaning and emotion slip away?

That was the question to be answered on a recent meeting of 15 poets from around the world. They were brought together by the Goethe-Institut for the program “Poets Translating Poets.”

If a poet translates, the final product doesn’t have much in common with the original, and if a professional translator does it, it lacks a soul, requiring that poets and interlinear translators combine forces.

Read more about this topic in an article by Dennis Abrams.

Writers No One Reads: Onetti

There are those days you don’t really know what to read, or where, or why. These are the days you look for writers no one reads. Such as Arlt, or Onetti. Why?

Why are they scarcely read, although they are always highly praised as important novelists? After all, their books keep on popping up in bookstores, people on holidays choose them to read, students deliver lectures about them… Onetti is no exception. There are incipient writers who feel inspired by his work.

Some English-language translators like Peter Bush bear the burden of bringing those authors into Shakespeare’s language, maybe to let sybarites feel and compare their stature. Critics often compare Onetti to William Faulkner, creating what has been called “desperate characters without dreams, but who are not lacking in humanity”. Juan Carlos Onetti’s writing is dramatic, existentialist, full of deceptions, but still intriguing.

Wish writers as Onetti were better noticed. At least, people in search for answers to their lives, would be able to see themselves in a literary mirror.

Click on the Suricata

My hand holds a mouse. Or does it? Please, take a look into the details.

There are two eyes looking at it.

Heard about meerkats? Yeah, sure. Timon from The Lion King, or the umpteen specimens found at Life of Pi. Lovely creatures, aren’t they? And very quick when moving. Maybe quicker than mice.

A mouse helps my hand move words and images on my screen. I try to grasp them all the time, but to no avail. Only a mouseclick can do that, not my hand.

And every time I look at my right hand, the one that moves words and images, there is a companion looking at it. Or two, if we consider that there is another one under my hand. One looks, the other induces to move.

Most of you English speakers call them meerkats. But I prefer their Latin denomination, Suricata. Try pronouncing it. It does good, sounds nice and funny, like their quick movements. A reminder that nature will be always there, no matter what we humans do, no matter how many computers or software programs or bitcoins we develop. Natural creatures, they will always develop and evolve quicker than we do.

Try and click the Suricata, you won’t forget it! 🙂

Untranslatable writings

After trying to post something soft and innocent, all of a sudden my fingers sort of started writing alone. Not joking: the words of Shakespeare’s language just came to me and started flowing like water. Have you ever thought that this story started long ago, busy with travelling, interpreting, contacting? Later, translation played an important part in it. When you work as a professional translator and intercultural communicator, all the time you are acquiring knowledge from several sources. Different cultures have a deep influence in your way of thinking, of behaving, even in your dreams.

Have you ever dreamt in another language? I have! Means that other languages pop in my head and do things I wouldn’t do if I only knew my mother tongue. Because you cannot translate all the words the same way out, some expressions suffer from untranslatability. Well… all those untranslatable feelings are there, doing things inside me. Maybe they are trying to come out through my fingers. As if there were ants running into them, making them run across the keyboard.

Hope this space gives me the opportunity to show it all. To express it the best way out. The innermost sensation is unstoppable, the outermost dictation could be unsolvable. Some experts say that you just need to say it, period. If it were that easy…