One hundred followers and counting

This is one of those special days. One of those days you don’t experience every day. When this blog was started some months ago, it was like a pipe-dream, I didn’t trust it could get many readers. But this number makes me believe! So here we go, sharing this previous experience from the sister project “El blog de Fabio”.

One hundred followers. Thanks to Tim Miller, who happened to be the one-hundredth person to click here. And thanks also to other ninety-nine previous followers. And thanks also to so many other people who do not click to show they were here, but… they read this blog, all the same.

To all of you, simply: a big thank you for coming, passing by, reading… staying!

(Original post: the first 100 followers of “El blog de Fabio, months ago).

Hay muchas personas que dan dicha. También, algunos números. Y no es fácil expresarlo. Es muy agradable escribir, eso lo sé desde hace mucho. Además, es un deleite disponer de un dispositivo dedica…

Source: Seguidores que suman y siguen