Let’s help Sushant fund his project!


This campaign is to fundraise for Sushant Gautam’s travel expenses to attend CGI University 2017 event happening this October in Boston for his commitment to play a role in his community to improve sanitation and mensural health conditions of girls in Nepal. The fund will be used to fund his airplane tickets and accommodation.

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FeaturedThe teenager who couldn’t translate his feelings

The teenager who couldn’t translate his feelings

A foreign teenager — stepping into unknown territory?

Letters & Poetry

Opening the door carefully, Amir came in, back from his late soccer training. His younger brothers were already sleeping. Well, not all of them; Malik’s bed was empty. That rascal! Out in the night again! After all those reprimands, he does not learn how to behave. He just feels and does whatever he pleases. And that isn’t proper. Not for this family.

The problem is: Malik has become a teenager here, in this country where they arrived a year ago. Always hanging around with all those other mischievous, spoilt guys. And it is obvious that their beloved mom is missing. Poor mom, she passed away when Amir, the elder, was just thirteen. And Malik, always the black sheep, is badly needing her. He is so immature…

Amir is not that mature, either. But at least he is conscious enough. And that hurts him a lot. Because he knows how he…

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2018: A Sun is Born

A wonderful painting from a Uruguayan artist, Carlos Páez Vilaró, as a symbol of best wishes for this brand-new year. From our sister project Blogdefabio.com:

El blog de Fabio

Sol de Páez Vilaró

Ya faltan pocas horas para que fenezca el viejo año. En un rato nacerá el nuevo sol.

Fenecer, nacer… van de la mano. Esta pintura de Carlos Páez Vilaró ya no existe (al menos, eso dicen). Pero su genio creativo explota y vibra. Desborda como el radiante sol del Este oriental.

Estaré ausente las próximas semanas. Que el calor y las buenas ondas de este sol les lleguen a todos, en todos los rincones del orbe.

Nos leemos pronto. ¡Feliz y cálido 2018!

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Letters & Poetry

Originally posted in Spanish on our site Letras & Poesía

Like a fleeting blow that knocks your temples,
the moment disappears just far away,
unreachable, unreal, preterite tense.

Unyielding reason that lives so quickly,
so breathless as a frigid kiss
that floods your soul for a second.

That shade of voice is gone,
that caress bestowed on the air,
that soothing sound of the afternoon
and the dreamy dawn of your eyes.

That light staging is already gone,
trying to pursue your shadow,
that trail of sleeping silence,
at the hasty brush of your fingers.

Useless clock that marks your life,
throwing sand from thought,
measuring smiles and dripping tears,
looks for pleasure of furtive memory
running in pursuit of the recalls.

Outmoded scent of withered flower,
farewell on the path of no return,
in the train of spilled life,
through stations of forgotten dreams.

Everything arrives, yet goes away,

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Letters & Poetry

“Give me some breath

I’m sinking down,

falling apart traumas rise,

baffled originates out carving

a hole inside my heart

don’t dig me in

please give me your hand,

Take me out of it…..

leave me alone…

boo, boo boom..

“one more life

“Dip drop” Died”.

Symptoms suffered

by the dogma of depression,

Dominant & Drug.

By Chirayu 

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What it did to me

What it did to me

Letters & Poetry

I read every page, every word, a different compilation of 27 letters arranged to a specific taste, every book that belongs to every reader given by the author. It makes us all part of something that maybe we don’t want to understand, nevertheless this does the understanding at the same time, I will like to mention so much. The scent we hold with both hands, pages full of possibilities, yet so much impossibilities at the same time, the thought of having so much to lose. thoughts that I can’t express to myself giving me the chance to be somewhere else at any moment. Something so big, this esencial reality “Hagamos un esfuerzo…imaginando un mundo sin literatura,                                                
Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 7.39.08 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-04-08 at 7.38.47 PM.pnguna humanidad que no hubiera leído poemas ni novelas”…

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