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Fabio Descalzi writing at “Letras y Poesía”

Fabio Descalzi, from the sister project “El blog de Fabio”, has been admitted as a contributing writer to the wonderful blog “Letras y Poesía”, a great community of Spanish-language writers and poets. Don’t miss it!

Wanna Polish Your Prose?

Wanna Polish Your Prose?

The Daily Post

We’re excited to tell you about the latest addition to the library of on-demand Blogging U. courses: please give a warm Daily Post welcome to Writing: Shaping Your Story!

Sound familiar? This course is based on the old Writing 201: Finding Your Story course.

Shaping Your Story is a four-week, intermediate/advanced-level course focused on editing and sharpening your writing. You’ll learn to identify a post’s unique angle, craft compelling introductions, pinpoint your story’s key moments, and build those moments out into rich scenes. Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, Shaping Your Story helps you focus and refine your work.

Since Shaping Your Story takes you into writing and editing techniques in depth, it’s structured a little differently than other Blogging U. courses:

  • There are no daily assignments.
  • You’ll get one email each week with an overview of the week’s topic — Angles, Introductions, Key Moments, and Scenes — and a series of…

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Click on the Suricata

My hand holds a mouse. Or does it? Please, take a look into the details.

There are two eyes looking at it.

Heard about meerkats? Yeah, sure. Timon from The Lion King, or the umpteen specimens found at Life of Pi. Lovely creatures, aren’t they? And very quick when moving. Maybe quicker than mice.

A mouse helps my hand move words and images on my screen. I try to grasp them all the time, but to no avail. Only a mouseclick can do that, not my hand.

And every time I look at my right hand, the one that moves words and images, there is a companion looking at it. Or two, if we consider that there is another one under my hand. One looks, the other induces to move.

Most of you English speakers call them meerkats. But I prefer their Latin denomination, Suricata. Try pronouncing it. It does good, sounds nice and funny, like their quick movements. A reminder that nature will be always there, no matter what we humans do, no matter how many computers or software programs or bitcoins we develop. Natural creatures, they will always develop and evolve quicker than we do.

Try and click the Suricata, you won’t forget it! 🙂