The other Spain, another Spain

The other Spain, another Spain

Yes, once upon a time there was another Spain. And it might still be possible, too!

Letras & Poesía: Literatura Independiente

Viví una infancia entera en Punta Carretas, y también en la escuela, con el relato en los oídos acerca de una Madre Patria. Y no era broma, porque para muchos vecinos lo era en serio. Crecí escuchando a varios que hablaban con ceceo y marcaban todas las eses. En estas latitudes, por simplificación se les decía “los gallegos”, sin importar de qué provincia ibérica venían. Tampoco importaban mis dos apellidos italianos, porque yo también tenía lo mío, gracias a dos de mis bisabuelas, una sevillana, la otra hija de galaicos. Y también hablaba su misma lengua: el castellano. Mi única lengua materna. La lengua de mi madre. La lengua de mi patria. De la patria donde nací y viví casi toda mi vida. Una excolonia española. Con varias decenas de miles de compatriotas portadores de legítimo pasaporte español. Como hoy mi esposa y mi propia hija, sí señor.

Volviendo a…

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“Letras y Poesía” is the best Spanish-language blog devoted to letters and poetry in general.

Supporting Indonesian Initiative, ‘Banned Literature in Translation’

Supporting Indonesian Initiative, ‘Banned Literature in Translation’

ArabLit & ArabLit Quarterly

The Indonesian literary platform InterSastra recently translated the excerpt of Ahmed Naji’s Using Life that got the Egyptian author two years in prison:

bannedNow, InterSastra is raising money to put together a series from banned writers around the world, translated into three languages: Indonesian, English, and Norwegian. On the fundraising page, they write:

Recently in Indonesia the police and radical groups have been attacking and forcefully disbanding discussions, book launches, performances, film screenings, festivals, and other cultural events. Military men seized books from personal possessions and bookstores. For a long list of such violations to citizens’ right to free expression, see

Those attacks occurred despite the fact that since the fall of the authoritarian New Order regime in 1998, Indonesia has amended the constitution and signed laws to guarantee freedom of expression along with other human rights.

To stand up against forced cancellations of cultural events and…

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One hundred followers and counting

This is one of those special days. One of those days you don’t experience every day. When this blog was started some months ago, it was like a pipe-dream, I didn’t trust it could get many readers. But this number makes me believe! So here we go, sharing this previous experience from the sister project “El blog de Fabio”.

One hundred followers. Thanks to Tim Miller, who happened to be the one-hundredth person to click here. And thanks also to other ninety-nine previous followers. And thanks also to so many other people who do not click to show they were here, but… they read this blog, all the same.

To all of you, simply: a big thank you for coming, passing by, reading… staying!

(Original post: the first 100 followers of “El blog de Fabio, months ago).

Hay muchas personas que dan dicha. También, algunos números. Y no es fácil expresarlo. Es muy agradable escribir, eso lo sé desde hace mucho. Además, es un deleite disponer de un dispositivo dedica…

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The Trouble with Book Reviews

The Trouble with Book Reviews

Kristen Twardowski


With the exception of my recent look at Margaret Atwood’s Hag-Seed, I don’t write many book reviews. That is for a fairly simple reason. Most books that I read remind me of a Thai restaurant near my old house. That may sound odd, but stick with me. The food at that restaurant is fine. Perfectly mediocre. Appropriate amounts of peanut sauce. Tofu in all the right places. Everything as expected. Which all adds up to me never wanting to eat there.

I want my restaurants to be more than perfectly mediocre. I want my books to be more too.

I have spent the entirety of my professional career working at libraries and publishing houses, which means that I have read a ridiculous number of books. Though each book has its own spark, its own flavor, many novels sound the same. I don’t hate all tropes – heck, I play Story…

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