FeaturedThe teenager who couldn’t translate his feelings

The teenager who couldn’t translate his feelings

A foreign teenager — stepping into unknown territory?

Letters & Poetry

Opening the door carefully, Amir came in, back from his late soccer training. His younger brothers were already sleeping. Well, not all of them; Malik’s bed was empty. That rascal! Out in the night again! After all those reprimands, he does not learn how to behave. He just feels and does whatever he pleases. And that isn’t proper. Not for this family.

The problem is: Malik has become a teenager here, in this country where they arrived a year ago. Always hanging around with all those other mischievous, spoilt guys. And it is obvious that their beloved mom is missing. Poor mom, she passed away when Amir, the elder, was just thirteen. And Malik, always the black sheep, is badly needing her. He is so immature…

Amir is not that mature, either. But at least he is conscious enough. And that hurts him a lot. Because he knows how he…

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Armenian cross-stone
longing for heavenly peace,
praying with piety


La cruz armenia
ora por paz celestial,
piedra con piedad.

Tradicional cruz de piedra armenia (խաչքար, jachkar o khachkar) en la Plaza Armenia, Puerto del Buceo, Montevideo.

El breve poema de diecisiete sílabas es un haiku, género típico del Japón, que alguna colega galaica afectuosamente llama “haikiño”.

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