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The Indonesian literary platform InterSastra recently translated the excerpt of Ahmed Naji’s Using Life that got the Egyptian author two years in prison:

bannedNow, InterSastra is raising money to put together a series from banned writers around the world, translated into three languages: Indonesian, English, and Norwegian. On the fundraising page, they write:

Recently in Indonesia the police and radical groups have been attacking and forcefully disbanding discussions, book launches, performances, film screenings, festivals, and other cultural events. Military men seized books from personal possessions and bookstores. For a long list of such violations to citizens’ right to free expression, see http://id.safenetvoice.org/pelanggaranekspresi/.

Those attacks occurred despite the fact that since the fall of the authoritarian New Order regime in 1998, Indonesia has amended the constitution and signed laws to guarantee freedom of expression along with other human rights.

To stand up against forced cancellations of cultural events and…

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