Mimi's Passion

This morning you spoke through a dream,

in the afternoon, twas through a song,

evening came and you spoke through a friend,

it’s difficult to predict you;

your creativity and ways of doing things blow my mind,

I tried fitting you into a box, but twas a futile venture,


You called me out into the desert,

I gladly run after you,

You started out with me on the path,

I became used to you being around,

I cherished the experience and how you made me feel,

I tried fitting you into a box: twas cos90°,


Where two or more are gathered in your name, you’re in their midst,

when we gather we sing and pray,

you reveal yourself and show us the way,

so we always come, ready to sing and pray,

but you didn’t show up, because you can reveal yourself in other…

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